WIP Fan Overwatch Skin Design: Post-Apocalyptic Ashe
Madeline buanno color iterations

Color Iterations

Madeline buanno color block in

Initial color block in.

Madeline buanno final ine 4

Final Linework

Madeline buanno refined sketches

Refined Sketches

Madeline buanno thumbnails

Initial Thumbnails. Trying to keep Ashe's original silhouette was a challenge but I learned a lot.

WIP Fan Overwatch Skin Design: Post-Apocalyptic Ashe

I've been really enjoying playing Ashe, so I wanted to take some time to design a fan skin! I am reimagining Ashe in a post-apocalyptic world. This is still a work in progress, as I want to work on several color iterations and I want to do a final render but I figured I should start uploading my process work. I will be updating this link but when I'm finished I will create a new post for the final work!

More artwork
Madeline buanno desert landscape study 2Madeline buanno mushroom mouse instaMadeline buanno mushroom frog non round