The Robot and Her Monster
Madeline buanno splash practice final 2

Edit: I updated the colors to be more harmonious after a critique.

Madeline buanno splash practice process


Madeline buanno comic panel 1 redo 3

And here is where the sketch is originally from. We had to make a comic for class! This explains more of the context.

Madeline buanno comic panel 2 redo
Madeline buanno comic panel 3 redo
The Robot and Her Monster

I wanted to get some practice doing an illustration in the style of splash screens, so I took a sketch from a few months back and rendered it. I tried to emulate common attributes in splash illustration, such as the blurred background, depth of field effect, smooth and brushstroke-less shading, and dust effects. If you have any critique, I would love to hear it because this is a style that I am only now becoming familiar with. I hope to pursue a career in splash illustration so help and feedback would be deeply appreciated so I can improve!

More artwork
Madeline buanno mushroom mouse instaMadeline buanno mushroom frog non roundMadeline buanno lightbox fairy finished