The Hunter and Her Hog
Madeline buanno the hunter and the boar color final web
Madeline buanno the hunter and the boar final bw
Madeline buanno process

Progress from original thumbnail to final grey-scale

The Hunter and Her Hog

This was a piece I did for an individual project I want to fully develop.

Basically, the world is torn by conflict between two sets of people: ones who believe we should integrate with the aliens, and those who believe we should stay separate. Alien colonies have landed on Earth, and in an attempt to appease them, many people have become devote worshippers of these newcomers. In their worship, these people commit horrific acts. They mutilate their faces to become close in appearance to the aliens, condone the use of slaves in order to produce more offerings, and track down those who do not choose to follow this path of worship. Thus, those who are against the aliens, are shunned and forced into hiding. They are in constant fear of being caught, mutilated, and enslaved. So, they wear masks on their faces and hide from the world, all while slowing planning a rebellion.

More artwork
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